Stop Binge-Eating in 12 Minutes!

End the Struggle With Food Cravings and Binge Eating!

Sometimes you can’t help it – you feel the urge to eat until you feel your stomach will burst, or you simply cannot find the willpower to resist that candy bar or bag of chips.  With the 12 Minute Binge Eating Busters workbook, you CAN resist those urges and put a stop to the compulsive eating, binges, food cravings, and over-indulgences.

files_e2a32072-dd45-47e9-b029-5242a82c3168_Cover_smallThere are no journals to keep track of.  No food charts to fill out.  No long and lengthy explanations spanning hundreds of pages before you get to the heart of the process.  And no bathroom scale is required!  If you’ve ever had the impulse to eat and eat and eat and feel you can’t control it, but you don’t have the willpower or time to spend hours and hours every day fighting the cravings, then this book is for you.

Overeating is an emotional issue.  These techniques will help you tackle those emotions and deal with a craving AS IT STRIKES, in anywhere from 5-12 minutes.  This workbook provides simple, clear, definite steps you can take NOW to stop a craving or food binge.  Take back control with simple, easy to follow instructions that put YOU back in the driver’s seat; you will no longer feel like a slave to your food addiction.